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ECED 2340 Family Dynamics & Community Involvement Family Diversity Project: Home


Welcome to the LibGuide for Karen Stooksbury's Family Dynamics and Community Involvement class at Walters State Community College. Here, you will find resources to assist you with finding credible and relevant readings for your Family Diversity Project. 


The first section contains academic articles, books from the library collection, and eBooks for this project. Each article is listed with an abstract that summarizes its content, and clicking on the title of the article will take you to the full text.  Hover over the titles of the books and eBooks to read a description of that work (Not all eBooks are listed with a summary). You are welcome to check out the print sources that are listed, and simply click on the link to the eBook to access the entire work. You can easily view the contents and chapters of the eBooks that pertain to your specific topic.  The second section provides you with helpful resources on using APA format.