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Mobile Learning: FlashMob Learning Fall 2016

Flash Mob Learning Event

Pictures from the Event

Periscope Videos

One of our Google form questions was Would you attend a 50-minute presentation on this topic during this Inaugural Week?” We used the faculty responses from that question to determine the top five presentations from the Flash Mob Learning Event, and each of those were offered as a 50 minute presentation during inaugural week. And the winners were:

  • Dr. Whitney Jarnigan: Student Connection
  • Lou McGuire: ePortfolio Pilot
  • Wesley Pierce: Enhancing Critical Thinking in the Classroom with Nearpod
  • Dr. Terry Rawlinson: Validation Theory
  • Dr. Suzanne Stephens: Making Thinglink a Thing of Learning

How to Create the Table Toppers for Faculty Feedback



Tools Used For Feedback:

360 Camera Capture

Click and drag the cursor on the video to obtain the 360 degree camera effects.