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McClellan- AG MANAGEMENT: Citations

Citation Guides

Quick Guide: APA Citation for Article from a Database

A periodical can be a journal, magazine, newspaper, letter to the editor, or an editorial.

Not all of the following information will be available for every periodical. Omit information, such as issue number or doi, as necessary.

Last, A.A., & Last, B.B. (year). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume(issue), pp-pp. doi:###



NOTE: There is NO space between the volume number and issue number. If there is no issue number, simply use the volume number only. An example with 18 being the volume number and 3 being the issue: 18(3)

NOTE: The title of the article includes capitalizing only the first word in the title and the first word after a colon while the publication is capitalized as grammatically correct (all major words).

Quick Guide: APA Citation for a Webpage

These rules apply to documents that you find online that are NOT 
journal/magazine/newspaper articles, eBooks, book chapters, or dissertations. Examples include blogs, websites, Youtube videos, press release, etc.

Here is the general format:

Author, A.A., & Author, B.B. (Date of publication). Title of page. Site nameURL

*Include the date of retrieval if the source material is likely to change.


Missing information in web documents is common, but be sure to perform a thorough search of the site to find as much as is available. Always list as much of the information as possible.


Some examples

No Author?   Title of page. (Year, Month Date). Site name. Retrieved Month Date, Year, from URL

No Date?   Author. (n.d.). Title of page. Site name (if applicable). URL

*Include the date of retrieval if the source material is likely to change.

Quick Guide: APA Citations for Books

The book category can include reference books, multi-chapter books, and eBooks - both subscription or free.

Print Book or eBook: Last, A.A. (year). Title of book. Publisher.

Paludi, M. (2012). The psychology of love. Praeger.