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Introduction to U.S. History: Academic Journal Articles

Use this guide to help you find research and resources for your U.S. History paper and presentation.

Introduction to Scholarly Articles

An academic article or a scholarly article is a piece of literature written on an academic topic by an expert in the field. It has been put through an extensive vetting process, called peer-review, in order to be published in a major academic journal. This process, in which other experts read, critique, and suggest changes to a piece of research, ensures that anything published in the academic journal contains good research, appropriate research methods, and is a topic of interest to other researchers.

Academic journal articles acquaint researchers with the scholarly conversation about a particular topic. They help researchers understand what other experts have argued, what supports those arguments, and how new research is affecting the conversation between scholars.




History Study Center

Finding Scholarly Articles in Academic Search Premier

Additionally, you may choose to try Academic Search Premier. This is a general database, so it is important to add "history" to your search terms.

Finding Scholarly Articles in JSTOR

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