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mLearning: mMentors

(formerly Mobile Learning Fellows Program)

Mentoring at Walters State

Faculty serve as mentors when they assist their colleagues in teaching and learning inside and across disciplines. Mentoring encourages faculty to lead their colleagues in professional development and trainings, in sharing the use of new tools and strategies, in implementing change in ongoing instruction, in assessing these changes, and in reflective teaching.

eLEARN Mentors

In the “eLEARN Mentor-led Training” program, eLEARN mentors propose and then lead a training session with faculty, both adjunct and full-time, but with the emphasis on training adjunct faculty in their area/discipline/campus.  Trainings can be held in the afternoons leading up to 6:00 evening classes, on Saturdays, or during the summer – anytime outside the mentors’ regular office hours.  As an eLEARN mentor in your area/discipline/campus, you probably know best what topics/training/sessions faculty need, but you might also think about various eLEARN tools, textbook ancillaries and test banks, vendor instructional systems (MyLabs, Aplia, Mastery, etc.), Respondus, SoftChalk, Camtasia, mobile learning or particular instructional tasks in your area such as Pre-/Post-tests, course assessment and reporting, and assessment of mobile learning.

To propose an eLEARN Mentor-led Training Project in your area/discipline/campus, complete the eLEARN Mentor-led Training Project Proposal (opens in a new window) and email it to Vickie Mills (; extension 2694).  If approved, you will be contacted by the department of Instructional Design.  As you carry out your training project, you will be asked to have faculty complete the Sign-in Sheet (opens in a new window); you will be asked to then send to Vickie a copy of the Sign-in Sheet and the electronic copy of the eLEARN Mentor-led Training Project Follow-up Report (opens in a new window).

Upon receipt of the Sign-in Sheet and the Follow-up Report, you will receive a notification of payment of $100.00 (less taxes) for yourself as the eLEARN mentor leading the training.  (Payment goes to one mentor, not several, for each individual training session.)  Each faculty member you report as having completed the Training Project will receive notification of $50.00 (less taxes) in compensation for attending training for themselves. (Both eLEARN mentors and faculty can participate in more than one training per semester.  Payment will be in addition to your regular payroll amount and will be paid in accordance with payroll’s established deadlines.)

Contact Candace Justice (; extension 6765) for details.