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Math/Science Camp

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The Math Lab works to provide students access to a variety of resources via the internet.  These include podcasts by our faculty and staff, PowerPoint lectures, YouTube video links, Khan Academy video links, web page links, and handouts.  Our goal is to put as many tools in the student's “tool belt” of learning as we can. 


Review Topics gives students who have been away from math a while the opportunity to review many arithmetic and algebra topics.  Calculator Tutorials includes podcasts on using the Texas Instruments TI 83 and TI 84 graphing calculators. 

Course Resources provides materials for specific topics in each of our developmental and college-level mathematics courses.


Students can access these pages from home, from the library, or from their own mobile devices.  We strive to ensure that the links are as mobile friendly as possible.   We consider these pages works in progress.   Our ultimate goal is to expand these web pages to include resources not only for students but also for the general public. 

Math/Science Camp

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