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Faculty Services: Embedded Research Coaches

Email to request a Research Coach/Librarian be embedded on your class list. 

Departments with Automatic Embedded Librarians

You do not need to request a Research Coach/Librarian be embedded in a course if you are part of the

  • English Department
  • Psychology Department
  • Reading Department
  • Health Sciences Division

They are automatically embedded in these areas.

Why You Should Embed a Research Coach in Your Class

A Research Coach/Librarian can enhance your course by being available in eLearn to answer questions about the research process, database access, search terms in databases, and source questions - leaving the professor free to assist students with class needs. Some examples of questions we've answered in the past:

  • My professor says I need an article from the past ten years, but I cannot find one on my topic.
  • I can't get into the Academic Search Premier database. It says my password doesn't work, but I know it does because I can check my email.
  • Can I use this website for an academic source?
  • How can I find the issue number on this article?
  • I can't find a website for this nonprofit organization that I need to do a report on. I need information specifically on homelessness too.
  • I typed in "OCD" in the search box in the database, but it pulled up 27,976 articles and books. Help please!!!
  • Where can I find information on endangered species in Tennessee?
  • How do I cite an website comment in APA?

We answer questions throughout the week and on weekends. Our eLearn privileges provide us access to Content and Classlist (and other features you may enable, such as discussion boards), but do not allow us access to dropbox or grades.