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Faculty Services: Research Project Ideas

Research, but not necessarily research papers

  • Shared/unshared annotated bibliography

  • Zines

  • Instructions

  • Textbook section

  • Teach the class (Jigsaw)

  • Journal/discussion board of things you did a little extra research on

  • Pink time

  • Problem Based Learning (PBL) project  

  • Write a policy based on research

  • Ignorance paper (given a topic, research what is not widely known or what is misunderstood)

  • Timeline or pictograph

  • Case study analysis

  • Examine media/historical/other coverage of an event or topic 

  • Analyze seminal works/experiments/studies

  • Creative writing with section that discusses how research was used

  • Academic Journal review

  • Book review


Many of these resources came from Lone Star College. (n.d.) Alternative to the traditional research paper.