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About Fishman Library: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Research Help:

Q:  What exactly does a research coach do?

A research coach is a librarian who guides you through the process of research, whether that is narrowing a topic for a speech, looking for a source for a paper, or helping you cite a source in MLA, APA, or Chicago format. A research coach can meet with you one-on-one at a campus library or can help you via email, eLearn messages, phone, or even video chat. We also meet with groups of students to assist in finding research for group projects. You can even schedule a research coaching appointment online.

Q. I need help on my research, but I don't want to drive to campus. How can I get assistance?

A: There are several options besides an in-person meeting: email, call, or eLearn message a research coach/librarian; you can also video chat if you give us time to set that up. 

Q: I need a book or an article that the library does not have. What can I do?

A: Talk to a research coach/librarian or use our online ILL form to request an item. We can request books and articles from other libraries through a process called Inter Library Loan. It's free to all students. There is a catch: sometimes articles or books can take up to 2 weeks to arrive. So, start your research early!

Q. Can someone in the library help me with my technology needs?

A: There is always someone in the computer lab in the Fishman library to assist with basic technology needs, such as uploading a document to your eLearn dropbox or scanning a copy of a form. However, if you need extensive help, such as how to use your school email or how to make a YouTube video, you will need to contact the WSCC Tutoring Services office. If you have a computer problem or issues with your passwords, you will need to contact the IET Helpdesk


Library Spaces:

Q. What is the process for reserving a collaboratory or study room?

A: We reserve collaboratories and the conference room via phone (423-585-6903) or stopping by the front desk. Study rooms are first-come, first-serve. If all rooms are taken, we suggest you find a Brody (the individual study nooks with privacy walls). We are always happy to suggest other spaces in the library for quiet study.

Q: Can I eat and drink in the library?

A: You may eat and drink in the Fishman Library in Morristown. We only ask that you clean up after yourself. At the Greeneville and Sevier campus libraries, the policy is no food or drink except for bottled water.

Q. How much does printing and copying cost?

A: Nothing. We do ask that you conserve paper when you can (print both sides, don't print full slides unless visually needed, etc.)


Get Involved!

Q: How can I become a student worker in the library?

A: Stop by Financial Aid and ask to see if you are eligible to do your work study in the library. Financial Aid has a process that needs to be completed. 

Q: What is the Library Ambassador Program and am I eligible to participate?

A: The Library Ambassador Program is a WSCC student club that promotes and participates in Library events. See our information page on the Library Ambassadors for more information and an application. (Deadline is Sept. 12, 2018 for Fall Semester).

Q: I have a suggestion or idea to make the library better. How do I voice that?

A: You can email the library at with any general suggestions or ideas. Also, feel free to stop and talk to any librarian or staff member.