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Professional Development: eLEARN Resources

This page provides faculty members with resources to alter their course delivery mode in case of emergency college closure.


eLEARN Resources by Instructional Design

The following series of videos were created by WSCC'S Instructional Design Department and will provide you with instruction on CONTENT, DISCUSSIONS, DROPBOX, QUIZZES, and GRADES within eLEARN.



This video is a short introduction to using eLEARN Content, which is where instructors keep course materials. 



This short video introduces Discussions, a place where faculty can create discussion prompts and students respond to the prompts and each other. This is one GREAT way to create a sense of community in an online classroom because students interact with the material, the instructors, and other students. 



This video is a short introduction to using Dropbox, which is where students submit files (Word, Power Point, Excel, PDF, etc) to faculty members for grading. This is a great way for faculty to access students.



This video is an overview of Gradebook which includes setting up, managing, and entering grades.  



This video provides an overview of Quizzes including creating, editing, and managing quizzes in eLEARN.

eLEARN Resources by D2L/Daylight

The following series of videos were created by D2L/Daylight and will provide you with instruction on CONTENT, DISCUSSIONS, DROPBOX, QUIZZES, GRADES, EMAIL, and NEWS (ANNOUNCEMENT) within eLEARN.


The first series of videos are about Content.

How to Add a Module:


How to Upload Files from your Computer to Content:

How to Rearrange Content Items:


How to Add an Activity (Quizzes, Discussion, Dropbox) to Content:

How to Delete a Module:


This series of videos are on Discussions.

How to Create a Forum:


How to Create a Discussion:

How to Moderate a Discussion:

How to Grade a Discussion:


How to Restrict Access to a Discussion:


This series of videos cover Dropbox.

How to Create a Dropbox Assignment:


How to Grade a Dropbox Assignment:


This series of videos cover Quizzes.

How to Create a New Quiz:


How to Grant Special Access to a Quiz:


How to Manually Grade a Quiz:


How to Connect a Quiz to a Grade Item:


This series of videos are on Grades.

Introduction to Grades:


Entering Grades:


Associate an Activity with Grades:


This video covers email.

Using Classlist to email students:


This video covers News (Announcements)

How to Create an Announcement: