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Professional Development: Faculty Hybrid/Virtual Meeting Options

This page provides faculty members with resources to alter their course delivery mode in case of emergency college closure.

This page provides faculty members with resources for digital modes of delivery. 

Video Creation Resources


An option for screen recording is using Screencastomatic in conjunction with Youtube. You can use Screencastomatic by clicking here. This free service will allow you to record videos lasting up to 15 minutes. The following videos walk you through creating and posting videos with Screencastomatic. 

Step 1- Create a YouTube Channel

Step 2- Use Screencastomatic to Record your Video

Step 3: Putting your Screencastomatic Video in YouTube

Step 4: Put the video in your eLEARN 

Virtual Class Meeting Resources

If you want to virtually meet with your on ground class, you can create a "Team" within the Microsoft Office 365 Suite.  The videos below will assist you in creating your "Team" and scheduling and carrying out a meeting during your normal class time.

Step 1- How to Access Microsoft Teams

This video shows you how to access your Microsoft Teams account. If you have a Walters State email, you have a Microsoft Teams account already created. 


Step 2- How to Create a Microsoft Team

Once you access your Microsoft Teams account, you will need to create a Team for each course. This is for faculty who plan to host LIVE virtual course meeting sessions.


Step 3- How to Invite Students to Join Your Team  WITH A JOIN CODE

Once you create your student Teams, you will need to create a JOIN CODE for your students and put that JOIN CODE in eLEARN. 

Step 4- How to Turn on the Teams Widget in eLEARN

Once you create a JOIN CODE and add it to your eLEARN, you will need to turn on the Microsoft Teams Widget, so students can easily access your Team from eLEARN. 

Step 5: Give your Students the Video Directions to Join the Team 

After you create the Teams widget, you will want to offer the URL to this video ALONG with your join code. 


Step 6- How to Host a Virtual Course Meeting Via Microsoft Teams

This video shows you how to host your class meeting. It offers a quick review of the tools you have available during class time. 

More Teams Resources

How to Change User Permissions/Lobby Functions in Teams

This video is meant to show you how to change User Permissions for live virtual Teams meetings. By changing the students to "Attendees," they will not be able to 

  • take over the screen share
  • mute other students
  • start and stop class recordings

You can individually change these settings per user inside of a class if you have a student who needs to present. This video also shows you how to use the "Lobby" function in Teams, which puts students in a Lobby area and asks you to approve them to enter the class. 

Student Resources for Teams

Student: How to Join a Live Class Meeting in Teams 

This video walks students through joining a live class meeting. 

Student Tour of Microsoft Teams

This video gives students a quick tour of Microsoft Teams.