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The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)

CCSSE is a tool for community colleges that is designed to capture student engagement as a measure of institutional quality.

Student Engagement is 1) the amount of time and energy students invest in meaningful educational practices, and 2) the institutional  practices and student behaviors that are highly correlated with student learning and retention.

As a tool for improvement, CCSSE helps Walters State 1) assess quality in community college education, 2) identify and learn from good educational practice, and 3) identify areas in which we can improve.

WSCC Core Results

The Core Alcohol and Drug Survey

The Core Alcohol and Drug Survey was developed to measure alcohol and other drug usage, attitudes, and perceptions among college students at two and four-year institutions. Development of this survey was funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The survey includes several types of items about drugs and alcohol. One type deals with the students' attitudes, perceptions, and opinions about alcohol and other drugs, and the other deals with the students' own use and consequences of use. There are also several items on students' demographic and background characteristics as wellas perception of campus climate issues and policy.

Admissions & Registrations Communication Survey

This survey was designed to solicit feedback from students concerning the effectiveness of communication collegewide. All enrolled students were invited to complete the survey during October and November 2013 via an email invitation to the student’s StarMail account. Information concerning the survey was also distributed through social media and eLearn announcements. The survey could be completed electronically by following a web link, which was provided in the student’s invitation e-mail and web announcements.