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mEducation: Math


GLE 0406.1.5  Measure using ruler, meter stick, clock, thermometer, or other scaled instruments.

Put the students into groups of three, and have 10 stations set up around the room that works with using a ruler, thermometer, and a clock. You can decide how many of each you set up, but you do not need too many because the students will eventually lose focus with a lot of problems. Allow them to write the answers for each station on one sheet of paper per group. This is a meaningful learning experience for them because it is more hands on, and they are being interactive. The students will engage more and be more interested in an activity that allows them to actually see these instruments in real life rather than on a worksheet. At the end of this activity, as a class, use a meter stick and find the area of the classroom. This is a great way to teach them to work as a team, while allowing them to use a meter stick as well.


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