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mEducation: Math

Measure and Estimate Lengths

2.MD.A.1 Students will learn to measure and estimate lengths in standard units.

·         Read the short story, Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni to the class. Use a 1 inch square tile to measure the inchworm in the book.

·         Have the students try to find objects in the classroom that measure 1 inch long.

·         Demonstrate to the students how to use a ruler to measure longer lengths, such as a finger or pencil.

·         Show the students how to record their measurements: 3 inches, 3”, or 3 in.

Have the students measure longer objects they find in the classroom and record their results. 

Add and Subtract Within 20

2. OA.B.2. – Add and Subtract within 20.

Before the activity, get a puzzle and write down different addition and subtraction equations. Then put the equations on the puzzle pieces and have the matching answers on other fitting pieces. After putting all the equations and answers on the puzzle pieces, separate the pieces and pair the students up so they have a partner for this activity.

*The students can also write down the equations on a piece of paper so they can work the problems out and see how they get the answers.


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