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2013 TBR mEngage Conference: 2013 mEngage Conference

Mobile Learning in Action

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Team CAO/Directors

 Fannie Hewlett         Joni Lenig        

Brian Wells               Mary Jane Bassett    

Ted Lewis                 Diane Ward

Carol Puryear           Barbara Roseborough

Mark Lenz                  Ivan Jones 

Jimmy Jones             Alisa Mosley

David Rudd               Phyllis Foley

Questions -

Facilitators: Lori Campbell & Jeff Horner

1.  Reflect on and discuss with your team the campus Organizational and also formal/informal Functional Structure. Are these different? Should they be?

2. From your team's understanding of organizational and functional structure, what are the current working relationships between key areas of mobile learning? Are these relationships adequate for cross disciplinary/area?

3. Thinking through mobile learning as you understand it, does it currently exist in your strategic plan? If not, where will it fit?

Team Faculty

Richard Clements      James Jackson

Christy Hamilton         Linda Weeks

Brandi Leonard            Linda Shirley

Candyce Sweet           Nancy Pevey 

Rachel Glazener          Donn King

Katrenia Hill                  Susan Sutton

Stacie Bradshaw          Todd Blankenbecker

Denise Malloy              Dwight Murphy

Warren Laux                Deanna Wallace

Kathleen Voelzke         Andy Smith

Mike Sledzinski            Julie Crisp

Jill Butler                      Butch Arnold

Jennifer Greenwald      Brandi Krantz

David Guinn                 Houston Graham 

Steve Hess                   Rick Dibble

Darren Aldred               Chris Edmonds

Audrey Lukula               Jane Asamani

Dick Irwin                      Tom Nenon

Mickey Hall                   Terry Seals  


Facilitators: Kim Bolton & David White

1. Can the wireless network in your classroom accommodate a classroom of mobile devices?

2. Could you write a one-to-two page plan that would detail how you would use a mobile device in your classroom, how you would assess student learning outcomes, and how you would assess student engagement?

3. What are the most likely challenges you will have to overcome to implement mobile learning in your classroom? Are you ready to meet with failures from using mobile devices in your classroom? How will you overcome those failures, and how will your supervisors react to them?

4. Have you thought about using mobile devices for enhancing student learning outside the classroom?

Team Student Services

Donna Seagle         Christina Dietz

Marilla Gerges         Cecella Jackson

Larenda Fultz           Susan Charley

Patrick Davis            Rebecca Ashford

Jamie Stringer          Michael Torrence

Joshua Conway       Thalia Wilson

Tachaka Hollins       Patrick Wade

Ron Byrd                  Nancy Draper  

Jame'l Hodges          Dan Lattimore



Facilitators: Robbie Melton & Donna Seagle

1. If you were designing a Campus App, what would be the key components that you would suggest to support student services?

2. What accessibility perimeters will you recommend for your campus as you identify mobile devices?

3. How would you utilize mobile devices to improve enrollment/recruiting, retention and engagement?


Institution Teams

Walters State Community College
Mobile Learning 

Team IT

Nora Burke         Amy Campbell

Dana Nails         Dennis Anderson

Jerry Bryan         Emily Siciensky

Tim Carroll          Michael Boyd

Willie Huffman     Terry Doss   

Tim Blais             Dawn Babian

Bob Herman        Curtis Johnson

 Ellen Watson      Steven Bennett

Greg Jackson


Facilitators: Joe Sargent & Kevin Fowler

1. Is your infrastructure designed for mobilie devices in any classroom? If not, how can you feasibly priorize?

2. Is there a need for relationship building for mobilization to be realized on your campus?

3. Have you considered how you will manage the influx of mobile tools?

4. Do you have a structure for purchasing apps?

SoftChalk Presentations from WSCC Natural Science

Featured Faculty

Mobile Learning Documents

Apps for Instructors

Mobile Learning Tools