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Support Staff Council LibGuide for Support Staff: Sick Leave Bank

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Non Faculty Sick Leave Bank

Policy 6.10.12

Sick Leave Bank Information

The sick leave bank is in existence to provide additional sick leave to members of the bank who have exhausted all their personal sick and annual leave due to serious illness or injury.  Participation is available to regular full-time and regular part-time, non-faculty, clerical and support and administrative employees.  To enroll employees must have at least eight (8) days of accrued sick leave available and must contribute three (3) days to the bank.

The sick leave bank is administered by five trustees appointed by the President of WSCC.  These consist of three clerical and support staff employees and the remaining two members may be members of the administrative staff.

An employee must have been a member of the bank for 30 calendar days prior to applying for withdrawal of sick leave bank hours.  The member's supervisor shall be informed of the request for sick leave bank hours prior to approval by the trustees. A physician's statement must accompany the request and must include the following:

  • Nature and cause of disability
  • Expected duration
  • Prognosis and opinion as to ability to return to work
  • Date when first diagnosed and/or treated

Sick leave bank hours may not be used for:

  • Elective surgery
  • Worker's compensation claims
  • Illness or death of any member of the individual's family
  • During any period when the individual is receiving disability benefits from social security or a state-sponsored retirement or disability plan
  • Pregnancy (unless it is accompanied by medical complications that incapacitate the employee and prevent her from working)

Annual enrollment periods are from February 1 - February 15 and from August 1 - August 15 of each year.



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