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Support Staff Council LibGuide for Support Staff: Computer Accounts

Computer Account Application Link

The supervisor or administrative assistant will help choose the categories required on the application for new employees.

Computer Account Application Categories

These eight categories are listed on the Computer Account Application: 

  1. Local Computer - Local PC Login and Network login
  2. Email Account - E-mail account login
  3. StarNet/SSB - StarNet or Self-Serve Banner is automatic upon the receipt of a StarNet Id Or WID. The Employee Tab appears under the employee's StarNet ID after the employee is registered in Human Resources
  4. ODS - Operational Data Store - Argos reports data
  5. ARGOS - Report writing software using Banner or ODS data
  6. AppWorx - Or UC4 automates jobs in Banner for Administrative office only
  7. INB - Internet Native Banner - Views Forms in Banner
  8. BDMS - Banner Document Management Suite - Scanning feature for Banner for Administrative Office only
  9. Others - Miscellaneous

Computer Account Application Process

Located on the WSCC Help Desk web-page, select the APPLICATION FOR COMPUTER ACCOUNT link and follow the instructions to complete the application.  The department administrative assistant or supervisor will assist in choosing the categories on the application.

NEW USER:  Individual who does not currently have a e-mail address!

Clicking the submit button on the form, creates Ticket #1 for the Office of Information and Educational Technologies (IET) Department.

The employee's immediate supervisor, the CIO, and any data owners receive an electronic approval from IET.

NEW EMPLOYEE'S ONLY print the form, signs, and also has a witness sign the form.  The new employee sends the form to the Human Resources Office for filing purposes.

As part of the new employee approval process, the Human Resources Office notifies IET to confirm that the signed Application for Computer Account form has been received from the new employee.  This process creates Ticket #2.  This ticket could have multiple names.  It simply indicates that the signed form has been received.

If the request is approved by the required parties, the computer account with the authorized access is granted by IET.

The employee is notified via phone or e-mail that the account has been created and given the username.  The employee or their supervisor is notified to call IET for the password.

If the request is not approved by any person in the approval process, the new employee and the supervisor are notified via e-mail, and the request is cancelled.


Computer Problems

Computer DoctorProblems with your computer accounts!

Contact the Walters State Computer Help Desk for assistance.

(423) 318-2742

Help Desk Assistance

The WSCC Help Desk web-page has lots of great information to help including:

  • Getting Started
  • WSCC Computer System Guides
  • Quick Reference Cards for Microsoft Office 2010 & 2007
  • Quick Reference Cards for OfficeMac
  • Faculty & Staff Support
  • Guide to Using E-mail
  • Guide to Operating Systems
  • Guide to Web Browsers
  • Guide to Adobe Products
  • Guide to Microsoft Office Products