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Support Staff Council LibGuide for Support Staff: Greeneville/Greene County Campus

Parking Hangtags

Parking hangtags are obtained from the Campus Police Office (Room 120).  At the beginning of fall semester, employees sign for a payroll deduction of the parking fees and receive their hangtags from the Campus Police Officer.

Time Sheets

The Secretary to the Dean in the Administrative Office (Room 102) keeps a supply of time sheets obtained from Human Resources.  They are distributed as requested to employees.  At the end of the month, employees return the time sheets to the  Administrative Office (Room 102).  The Secretary to the Dean obtains the Dean's signatures and submits the time sheets to the Human Resources Office via courier.

Leave Forms

Leave forms can be obtained from the Administrative Assistants in the Administrative Office (Room 102) as needed. Employees submit completed forms to the Administrative Assistants who obtain the required signatures from the Dean.  The forms are then routed to the Vice President for Academic Affairs via the campus courier.  

Copy Procedures

The Administrative Office Rooms 102 and 108 have copiers for faculty and staff.  Currently, no code is needed, however, in the future, codes may be required.  There is a pay copier in the lobby for student use.

Greeneville/Greene County Campus Link

Greeneville/Greene County Campus

215 North College Street

Greeneville, TN 37745

(423) 798-7940

Greeneville/Greene County Campus

Greeneville/Greene County Campus

Postal Services

Internal campus mail is delivered to the Greeneville/Greene County Campus and transported daily to the Morristown location via campus courier.  Campus mail and U.S. Postal Service mail is distributed to the faculty and staff through the Administrative Office (102). 

Mail is collected from and delivered to the Administrative Office (102) once per day for pick up by the campus courier or U.S. Postal Services employee.  The U.S. Postal Service mail must be stamped when delivered to the office.   Large bulk mailings are sent to the mailroom at the Morristown campus via campus courier for postage and mailing.  These orders must be accompanied by the appropriate FOAPAL number for accounting purposes.

Travel Information

The travel authorization and claim forms can be obtained from the Administrative Assistants in the Administrative Office (102).

Per the policy of the college, official WSCC travel must be approved in advance. The travel authorization forms should be completed and routed to the Administrative Office so the Administrative Assistants can obtain the required signature of the Dean and route the forms to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval via the campus courier.  Upon approval, copies are returned via courier to the employees to retain during travel.  If state vehicles are not available for use, travel claim forms are completed to request reimbursements of authorized expenses.  The completed travel claim forms are given to the Administrative Assistants to obtain the Dean's signature. The forms are then routed to the Academic Affairs office for approval and signatures.  The Accounts Payable office in Morristown processes the forms and issues the reimbursement checks.  These checks are returned to the Greeneville/Greene County Campus for distribution to the employees.