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Support Staff Council LibGuide for Support Staff: Document Information, Forms Routing, Copy Procedures

Forms Routing

QuestionThe Origin and Routing of WSCC Forms list shows many of the types of forms, what office they are dispensed from, and where the forms are routed after the Dean or Director signs. 



Public Information Services & Standards Manual

Developed by the Public Information Office, this manual provides the official standards for:

  • Publications
  • Graphics
  • WSCC Logo
  • WSCC Trademark
  • WSCC Seal
  • Correspondence guide
  • Memorandum  guide
  • Business card guide


Copy Procedures

CopierMorristown:             There are copiers placed in the buildings on the campus for use by faculty and staff.  In order to have access to these copiers, new employees should schedule a brief training session with the Printing Services Department.  Contact Rene Sykes, Coordinator of Printing Services, for more information.  (423) 318-2746.


Greeneville:  The Administrative Office, Room 102, and Room 108, have copiers for faculty and staff.  Currently, no code is needed, however, codes may be required in the future.  There is a pay copier in the lobby for student use.

Sevierville:  Each building on the Sevier County campus has a copier in the main Administrative Office.  A code is necessary to use these copiers.  Training can be obtained from the office staff.
Claiborne County:                      The Administration Office (038) houses the copier for the campus.  A code is not required to use the copier. The Executive Aide will provide assistance.