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Mentoring Committee - Support Staff Council: Facilities Scheduling

How to Schedule

Walters State Community College has facilities available for special events, corporate and non-profit meetings.  Faculty, staff, and student clubs wishing to use facilities for academic and non-academic use of the college and members of the public or public groups who would like to use campus buildings or outdoor areas during regular scheduled work hours or off-hours must obtain an application from the Division of Business Affairs.  Forms may be downloaded from the list below or a hard copy may be obtained by contacting Leann Long.

For questions regarding scheduling and assistance with Facilities Scheduling and the EMS system:

Leann Long
Coordinator of Facilities Scheduling & Property Officer
Walters State Community College
500 S. Davy Crockett Parkway
Morristown, TN 37813
(423) 585-6770
FAX: (423) 585-6766

Virtual EMS - External Facilities Use Process

Follow these steps when entering external facilities requests:

1.  Enter the event in the EMS system as soon as you know about it.  This holds the space and makes appropriate notifications of the upcoming event.

a. Enter an appropriate title and assign the appropriate group.

b. The EMS system requires the SOURCE information.  The choices are INTERNAL or EXTERNAL.

2.  Ensure the group completes and submits an APPLICATION FOR USE OF FACILITIES form before the event.

3.  Scan the facilities application (if possible) and attach it to the reservation using the ATTACHMENTS tab.

a.  Attaching the facilities form can speed up the approval process significantly especially for events at other campuses.

b.  External events are not forwarded to the appropriate Vice Presidents for approval until the facilities application is attached.

4.  Be sure to attach to the reservation any Campus Police, IET, or Plant Operations requests needed for the event.

5.  Send the APPLICATION FOR USE OF FACILITIES form to Leann Long for filing.

IF YOU HAPPEN TO RECEIVE an Application for Facilities Use form for a space that does not fall under your area of responsibility, forward it to Leann Long for processing.

Virtual EMS - Internal Facilities Use

The Virtual EMS system is used to request the use of facilities by faculty and staff.  

Helpful Hints - Using EMS Virtual Desktop

Review your EMS Campus Dashboard on a regular basis for facilities requests that need to be approved.  Until a request has been approved (changed to "Tentative" status or "Not Approved" status) by the department responsible for the space, the request is in limbo.  E-mails are sent when requests come into your department to remind you to check your dashboard. 

Process for approving/denying requests in EMS Campus Dashboard:

  • Log into EMS and go to DASHBOARD
  • Click on NEW REQUESTS on the left side of the screen
  • Make sure you are on the RESERVATION LINE (title of the event) on the right and the RESERVATION SUMMARY on the right
  • Click on CHANGE STATUS on the far right
  • The pop-up box should have the status of TENTATIVE (if approving the request) or NOT APPROVED (if denying the request ) in order to complete the process.
  • Change the status for any bookings scheduled in any of your rooms.
  • After the status is changed for all appropriate bookings, close the reservation.
  • Now mark the reservation as REVIEWED to remove it from your Dashboard.  (Remember marking an item as REVIEWED only takes it out of your DASHBOARD.  It does not approve/deny the request.

 Important Scheduling Note:

Some departments have rooms that are not listed in Virtual EMS.  The standard usage of the room (i.e. students labs or vending area, specialized equipment, etc.) prevents using it for other purposes. If you agree to let these areas be scheduled by someone for use, you will need to schedule that in EMS Campus (Desktop) because the space does not show on Virtual EMS for anyone outside your department to request it.