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Module 2: Teaching Large Classes

Introduction to the Module

Intended Module Outcomes

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  1. identify some of the most common problems that teachers face when teaching large classes;

  2. develop your own solutions to these problems by sharing ideas and evaluating whether solutions provided in the module can work in your classes;

  3. improve efficiency when teaching large classes by establishing clear routines, learner roles and rules for learner behaviour;

  4. describe different types of collaborative learning, and the situations in which they are useful;

  5. understand how, when and why to select specific interaction patterns (such as pairwork and groupwork) to improve learning;

  6. investigate which collaborative learning strategies work best in your classroom and why;

  7. investigate ways in which the community and other learners in the school can help with the challenges of large classes;

  8. develop the autonomy (independence) of your learners to enable them to learn more effectively with less individual teacher support;

  9. identify which areas of your planning and teaching practice to prioritise in order to enable you to teach larger classes more effectively;

  10. report in detail on what you have done as a result of this module to improve learning in the largest classes that you teach. 

Module Assessment

Your achievement on this module will be assessed partly through the module assignment (see below), and partly through four portfolio tasks, which are weighted as follows:

                          Module assignment           60% of total marks

                          Four Portfolio tasks           40% of total marks (10% each)

The module assignments will be a practical, research-based assignment on an aspect of your own teaching in relation to the module content. You will have an opportunity to choose your own research question. The assignment will be up to 4000 words long.

This module includes 7 portfolio tasks (6 essays and 1 presentation task). You should choose and submit only 4 of these tasks for assessment (although you can do all of them if you would like to). They are designed to show evidence of understanding of the issues explored in the module, the ability to apply them to your own teaching context and the ability to evaluate this application appropriately.