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Module 1: Child-Centred Learning Module

The site is dedicated to digitally developing content for a UNICEF funded grant to train teachers on Child-Friendly techniques.

Introduction to Module 1

‘I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.’

Albert Einstein‚Äč

Einstein’s famous quote about teaching and learning hints towards a problem that he faced when he was a student at school. The teaching methods that he experienced caused him to dislike school and even to perform badly in some subjects. As a result, Einstein perceived that ‘teaching’ is somehow in conflict with learning.

In this module you will learn how teaching is in fact all about providing the best conditions for pupils to learn. The module will enable you to provide such conditions in your own school so that your pupils learn as much as possible and enjoy coming to school. It will help you to explore the role of the teacher in the learning process.

The module begins with an introduction that will outline 6 principles of child-centred learning that are appropriate to the Malawian classroom. The individual units that follow will help you to explore 6 aspects of child-centred learning separately before bringing them together in the module assignment. Each unit will provide an opportunity for you to apply what you are learning in your own classroom. You will have opportunities to consider approaches, techniques and strategies used in different countries, both in child-friendly schools in Africa and other schools around the world, and to assess how appropriate these are for your own pupils. 

Intended Module Outcomes

Module Assessment

Your achievement on this module will be assessed partly through the module assignment (see below), and partly through four portfolio tasks, which are weighted as follows:

                                     Module assignment                     60% of total marks

                                     Four Portfolio tasks                     40% of total marks (10% each)

The module assignments will be a classroom assignment investigating how effective and useful child- centred learning (the module topic) is in your classroom. The assignment will be up to 4000 words long.

This module includes 6 portfolio tasks. You should choose and submit only 4 of these tasks for assessment (although you can do all of them if you would like to). They are designed to show evidence of understanding of the issues explored in the module, the ability to apply them to your own teaching context and the ability to evaluate this application appropriately.