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Academic Affairs: Faculty/Staff

Faculty Office/Student Engagement Hours Pilot Spring 2022

Faculty Office/Engagement Hours: Consistent meaningful faculty presence is essential to the success of the entire college community. To best achieve the mission and goals of the college, please follow these guidelines regarding on-campus and remote faculty schedules.

*(Policy 03:04:00) The normal teaching load is an average of 15 credit hours (equated) per semester. 

The schedule above applies to all full-time faculty regardless of mode of class delivery. The administration may approve limited exceptions in cases where entire programs of study are offered online, and a faculty member teaches exclusively in that program. Division faculty and administration will coordinate scheduling to ensure student needs are met and that each division office has consistent faculty support.  

Updates to HR Policies and Procedures

Full-Time Faculty Academic Year Contract Period
8/8/2022 – 5/6/2023