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Academic Affairs: Welcome to AA Resource Guide

Academic Affairs Office

The Office of Academic Affairs focuses on student learning, engagement and success by providing high quality learning experiences. The Office of Academic Affairs lead by the Vice President for Academic Affairs supports the work of faculty and administration within eight academic divisions and more than 150 pathways of study.

Academic Affairs supports high quality curricular initiatives, excellence in teaching, outreach and service to our community, and scholarship of teaching and learning across four WSCC campuses. WSCC faculty and staff create an atmosphere that encourages open dialog and supports student exploration in the classroom and co-curricular activities. The Office of Academic Affairs provides professional development and encourages the scholarship of teaching and learning through the Instructional Department for Educator Advancement (IDEAS), Faculty Professional Development Committee, Faculty Fellowships, and funds for conference presentations and participation. 

Our Academic Divisions offer pathways of study leading to the Associate of Arts, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Science in Teaching, Associate of Applied Science degrees, and technical certificates. We prepare students to enter immediate employment and/or transfer to other institutions of higher education.

High quality education is our primary goal and transforming our community through education is our mission. 

Contact Us


Dr. Amy Ross

Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs 423.318.2336

Ashley Harris

Executive Secretary 423.585.6933

Avery Swinson

Director of Student Development and Engagement/

Associate Athletic Director 423.585.2688