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mLearning: iPad Enhanced Classrooms

What is an iPad Enhanced Classrooms?

The computer revolution of the 80's drastically changed how teachers and schools carried on the business of learning. Computers allowed students to word process rather than type. They could do media presentations instead of participating in the usual show and tell. Students and teachers replaced their encyclopedias and chose to find information on the Internet instead. Test scores and other pertinent information could be graphed electronically instead of with magic markers on a poster board.

If we fast forward, we now have iPads and other mobile devices to enhance teaching and learning. They can do all of the things mentioned above, but they also have many other capabilities. Maybe one of the major difference would be the fact that they are super portable. We don’t have to move our students to a computer lab to work.

As you know, we have iPads at our fingertips on all Walters State Community College campuses. For that reason, why would we not create iPad Enhanced Classrooms? By utilizing iPads in the classrooms, we feel we have the potential of changing the business of teaching and learning for faculty and students. The question we want to ask you is: "Are you ready to embrace this new learning revolution?"  If so, please contact David White (; extension 6765) for more information.

To-Do-List for the iPad Enhanced Classroom

To-Do-List for the iPad Enhanced Classroom

  • Submit a proposal form to Vickie Mills (; ext.2694)
  • After your proposal has been approved, contact the library to schedule a time for your class to check out the iPads.
    • Contact the library the morning of to make sure the iPads are charged and ready.
    • Students must read the Equipment Checkout Policy, fill out an Equipment Checkout form, and provide a photo ID before an iPad will be issued.
    • Allow about an hour for the checkout process.
  • Students must sign an Apple Model Release Form and the WSCC Talent Release Form. Completed forms should be sent to Vickie Mills (Vickie.mills@ws,edu; ext. 2694)